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JbtIndustry is a China-leading clothing label and tag manufacturer that helps you streamline the process of getting your custom tags beyond just an idea into consumers’ hands. We have a full range of solutions for making these customized items come true, so contact us today!

Free Custom Design Service

Being a competitive clothing tag manufacturer, we constantly offer our clients up-to-date and stylish designs. Whether you need help from scratch or want someone to bounce ideas off of, we are here to help.

Full Customization Capabilities

We can customize your clothing labels with our advanced facility and experienced engineers, regardless of material, color, size, finish, texture, etc, ensuring that your needs for different businesses are fit.

Our Quality Control Abilities

Our quality control is one of our most outstanding features. All your custom clothing labels and hang tags will go through 24 strict quality checks and are only allowed to reach our customers after passing.

Wholesale Clothing Labels, Hang Tags, Strings, and Patches

Sustainability and quality are important to us. All our products are made from Eco-friendly material that has passed the OEKO-100 test. In addition, all products are meticulously and consistently screened by our 25-method process to ensure that customers receive only the highest quality product.

Damask Woven Labels
Satin Woven Labels
Cotton Woven Labels
Iron-On Woven Labels
Satin Printed Labels
Digital Printed Labels
Cotton Printed Labels
Hang Tags

Extensive options for your unique custom woven and printed labels, swing tags and patches


We offer various materials and can completely meet your requirements.

Eco-friendly polyester yarns
Recycle polyester yarns
Eco-friendly cotton yarns
Organic cotton yarns
Metallic yarns
Special paper
FCS paper


We offer options for producing custom hang tags and clothing labels in different sizes to ensure you have the right accessory choices to match your products accurately.

Woven labels: From 0.90-20CM on the width, no limit on the length
Cotton labels: widths of 1.0 、1.5 、2.0 、2.5 、3.0 、3.5 、4.0 、4.5 、5.0CM, no limit on the length

Satin printed labels: 0.5、0.9、1.3、1.6、2.2、2.5、2.8、3.2、3.8、5.0、5.7CM, no limit on the length

Hang Tags: No limited


We feature custom solutions that can produce clothing labels and swing tags in any shapes you can imagine, helping to ensure they fit your needs precisely.


You name it


We offer various colors to choose from, which will help you better position yourself in the market and bring some unique pieces.

Woven labels: Over 3,800 available in stock, also customizable.
Cotton labels: Four colors available in stock.
Satin clothing labels: Over 367 available in stock.
Custom Hang Tags: all colors can be printed.


We offer different finish options for custom labels depending on your product, ensuring you get the right option for your needs.

Silk Finish
Matte Finish
Semi-Gloss Finish
Glossy + Matte Finish

Manufacturing Process

We have various workmanship available for you and will provide the most suitable solution that fits your needs.

3D printing
UV printing
Screen printing
Flexographic printing

Foil Printing
Digital printing
Debossed Logo
Embossed Logo

Jacquard loom weaving

Wholesale Clothing Labels and Hang Tags for Different Buyers

For Brand Owners

Whether starting over from scratch or refreshing an old brand, our team will help define your personality and create custom tags representing its values so people can easily find what they need in a sea of competitors!

For Wholesalers

We are one of the most equipped clothing label suppliers, offering you quality products at low prices. This allows us to work together so our clients can get great deals too!

For start-up

We help startups to help them get their product off the ground. We provide all the assistance they need, from design and low MOQs to advice on which manufacturing processes to use.

All-Around Clothing Tags Solution

We’re one of the most sought-after Chinese clothes label and tag manufacturer in this industry, we work hard to produce custom designs from scratch.

Market-Oriented Clothing Tags Research
We have a research and development department responsible for researching global trends to ensure that we provide the high-quality solutions the market needs.
Unique Design Solutions
With a team of experienced designers, we can provide our customers with uniquely designed solutions that accurately position their brands in the market.
Massive Amount of Projects Reference
We've had 12,000 cases over the past 17 years in production that you can refer to when struggling with design ideas. These projects can provide some very good inspiration.
Unlimited Free Pre-Production Samples
We offer unlimited free samples for all custom items, you can make as many changes as you need until it's perfect, and we guarantee that you'll be happy with the design and quality before we start mass production.
SOP-Based tags quality control
Our quality control department works closely with our production department to ensure that each step of the production process adheres to our strict quality control standards.
Fast turnaround time
Our advanced machines and reasonable production plans enable us to finish your orders 48% faster than our competitors. We understand how important of getting your products to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Fast delivery time
We will choose the most suitable logistics solution according to your production schedule, so that you could receive the clothing labels and hang tags on time and save money on shipping costs.
Full after-sales service
We want our after-sale services for products designed so they can help whenever needed. They will be around throughout the entire lifespan of whatever it is that might need assistance from us!

The Whole Process of Wholesale Labels and Hangtags


Request a Quote.

Submit the details for your labels or hangtags. Remember to include your logo, the quantity, and the size needed.


Approve Digital Artwork.

We send you the digital artwork together with a price quote for your approval.

Confirm Pre-production Sample

Confirm Pre-production Sample.

A pre-production sample is then made to ensure you are happy before going to production. This pre-production sample will be sent to you for approval.


Mass Production.

Once approval is received mass production starts which includes weaving, printing, cutting, and folding.


Inspecting & Packing.

Our quality control officer will inspect all completed products as they are produced and ensure they are packaged correctly.


Loading & Shipping.

Once the order is completed, we will pick the best shipping carrier for your order to make sure that you receive your order on time.

How We Control the Quality

1.Before Production Inspection

All raw materials received by our warehouse are thoroughly inspected, and our staff checks the color, durability, and colorfastness.

2.During Production Inspection

It does not matter how your products were produced – on a weaving machine, printing machine, or on cutting machine, our engineers conduct thorough checks throughout the production process to make sure that each label, hangtag and the woven patch is consistent with the approved pre-production sample.

3.After Production Inspection

The completed products are then checked once again by our professional QC personnel and our QC supervisors also conduct spot checks. Only once they are satisfied with the product are they packed, ready for delivery.

Our QC is checking the quality of raw material

Check raw materials 

Our engineer is checking the machine-2

Check machinery 

Our quality control supervisor is checking the quality of products in the workshop.

Quality control under production

Our QC is checking the quality of complete products-3_1

Finished products are checked thoroughly.

Client Testimonials

This is some of the feedback we have received from our customers about the service they have received from

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Meet Our Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Every order receives artwork proof within 1 business day. We can offer free revision services unlimited after the first draft is provided. In addition to the artwork proof, we offer an option of a photo example, allowing you to see a photo of your final product before your order goes into full production. A physical sample also can be sent to you for approval.

We are happy to make as many edits as necessary to make your design perfect. You will be able to communicate with our team throughout the process. Please note that a prolonged editing process will add time to your overall production timeline, so clear descriptions are a must for minimizing the number of edits required. You are welcome to send images or sketches to help show us your idea.

Depending on the number of orders, different designs, and different production seasons (off-season or peak season), the production turnaround time will be different.

The fast  production lead time will take 4-6 working days (unnatural days) because the process is the same.
– 2 working days to purchase raw materials
– 1 working day to produce on the machine
– 1-2 working days to cut and make the border and backing
– 1 working day to inspect and packaging

In severe weather, such as typhoons, heavy fog, heavy snow, or unexpected situations like this epidemic, the time will be extended because all the raw materials must be sent from suppliers that suffers shortages or delays.

It depends on where you are located and the shipping service you prefer (standard or express), which we will discuss before production to understand your expected timeframe and provide the most suitable shipping solution for your orders.

While unlikely, we have a very strict production and quality inspection process. Before mass production, we will offer digital artwork and pre-production samples for your confirmation to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Then we will start the mass production after receiving your approved comments.