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  • Professional label & tag manufacturer from  China
  • Design your own care instructions labels

Free Artwork Designs

In-house design team available to assist with care label designs.

Highly Customized

A wide range of sizes and materials to provide you with a higher level of customization .

Specialist Support

A specialist will support your order and be available for any questions you have.

Quality Monitoring

Monitor quality & provide customers with detailed visual documentation from sampling to shipping.

Thoughtful Care Labels Tailored for Customer Satisfaction

Our care labels feature clear and concise instructions for fabric care, laundry guidelines, and specific care content. They are especially essential when it comes to hand wash only instructions, delicate fabrics, or special care requirements, providing crucial information to maintain the pristine condition of your clothing. Wash care labels are a must for textile products, particularly for clothing, as they demonstrate professionalism and consideration towards customers. In addition to care instructions, you can also include your brand logo, website information, or contact details on the labels, making it easier for consumers to remember you.

Extensive Utilization of Wash Care Tags

  • For clothing :shirt ,t shirt,wool jumper  ,dress,coat ,swimwear ,underwear and other garment
  • For other textile products :  quilt  ,hat ,handmade items ,scarf  ,gloves ,bedding ,curtain ,towels etc.

More Customization Options for a Truly Personalized Outcome

As an experienced supplier, we recognize the significance of every detail, which is why we provide a diverse range of customization options. Our aim is to ensure that each element accurately reflects your initial design.

Material :

  • Satin tape with different width and colors (to make satin care labels)
  • Cotton tape with different width and colors (to make cotton care labels)
  • 100 polyester yarns ( to make polyester woven care labels )
  • Eco friendly material: recycled polyester or organic cotton
  • Other materials like taffeta ,rayon ,tencel are availabel as well .

Logo or text treatment : :

  • Silk screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • High density weaving
custom cotton care labels

Cotton Printed Care Labels

Polyester woven care labels

Polyester Woven Care Labels

Satin Printed Care Labels 

Tear Away Care Labels

Why Do 7,548+ Companies Over the World Work with JbtTags

Why Do Almost 7,600 Companies Worldwide Rely on JBTindustry.com?


Benefit from our efficient communication (with replies within 8 hours), design support, one-stop purchasing, and fast turnaround times to maximize your productivity and save valuable time.


Benefit from competitive factory price for bulk orders, efficient production processes, consolidated packaging, and exclusive discounts for long-term partnerships. Our aim is to optimize your budget and help you save money without compromising on quality.

Risk reduced:

Risk is significantly minimized as we provide you with comprehensive visual documentation, including detailed pictures and videos of every step. This ensures that you have a clear view of your order’s progress, allowing you to closely monitor and ensure a smooth process.

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Clients We Worked With

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