Add a Touch of Organic with Custom Cotton Woven Label to Your Branding

Cotton woven labels have the same process and production method as ordinary polyester woven labels, but the materials used are different. They have fluffy cotton fibers, soft and natural on the surface.

They are idea for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any item. Cotton woven tags are great options for kid’s clothes, handmade bags, and thick hoodies. Try this special label to add some personality to your product.

Our Featured Cotton Woven Labels

Cotton woven labels are perfect for companies that want to show off their brand. They come in many forms, such as hoodies and jackets, or even shirts! We use 25 different screening methods before delivering these tags so you only get premium products from us instead of lower quality ones.

Get Inspired By Real Client Projects

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Are You Still Looking for Ideal Cotton Woven Labels?

We provide custom cotton woven tags for all industries, including apparel, home furnishing, handmade, hats, and more. Our custom solutions allow you to check every detail before ordering large quantities so that your production is sure not only to be safe but also efficient.

Customize Cotton Woven Labels with Your Brand Logo, Font and Colors


Whether you want eco-friendly cotton yarns or organic ones, we can fit your every need, We also offer metallic threads in case shining is what’s on the agenda!


We offer options to produce custom cotton woven labels in different sizes so you can ensure your products are matched perfectly.


We know that the combination of different colors will have unexpected effects, so we provide 4 colors for you to choose from, of course, in addition to these 4 stock colors, we also offer color customization.


The best cotton clothing labels are a unique blend of art and science. To create these masterful pieces, we offer you many different folding options so your products can be customized to fit whatever needs they may have.


Get creative with our custom-designed garment labels that are made to fit your needs precisely. We can create any shape or design imaginable, so you’ll always stand out in the crowd.

Professional Free Design Services

Professional Free Design Services

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Why Do Over 7,748+ Global Companies Trust

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