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Stylish Your Brand with Custom Woven Grosgrain Labels

  • Distinctive textured appearance
  • Brand recognition improvement
  • High degree of customization


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What is Grosgrain Labels ?

Grosgrain labels are made from a sturdy, ribbed fabric known as grosgrain, which has a distinctive texture and appearance.they are a versatile and stylish option for enhancing your brand’s identity. They can be classified into two main types: woven grosgrain labels and printed grosgrain labels. Woven grosgrain labels are meticulously crafted by interlacing threads, resulting in a durable and high-quality label. Printed grosgrain labels feature designs or text that are directly printed onto the ribbon.While both options have their merits, this page will primarily focus on woven grosgrain labels as they offer superior reliability and durability for clothing brands.

Woven Grosgrain Label

logo printed grosgrain label

Logo Printed Gorsgrain Label

Grosgrain labels are available in both vertical and horizontal grosgrain orientations, providing flexibility for your branding needs. To give you a visual representation of the possibilities, we will showcase a selection of pictures featuring both types.

High Level Customization To Make Your Unique Labels

We understand that your brand is unique, and we tailor our customization options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need labels for clothing, accessories, or other products, we offer a wide range of choices to suit your needs.

  • Material : polyester yarn /cotton yarn
  • Colors : over 3000+ colors in stock
  • Shapes : customized
  • Folding types : end fold ,center fold ,straight cut  etc. 
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