Make a Statement with Custom Hem Tags

Make a Statement with Custom Hem Tags

Hem tags have been a popular way for designers to add their brand and statement since they were first introduced. These subtle pieces can be seen anywhere, from the bottom hem of your clothes or around sleeves as designs that stand out among others in an exciting way!

Do you need a premium custom tag to enhance your brand and help grow the business? The China-based JbtIndustry offers multi-dimensional customization options that can turn a logo from nothing into something physical.

Hem Tags for Clothing

Hem labels are an excellent way for many apparel companies to advertise their brand. You can see them on hoodies, t shirt, shirts, and many other clothing. Our custom hem tags undergo 25 different screening methods before they’re delivered, ensuring that you receive only premium products from us.

Belows are some comon folding types for hem labels :

Hem tags-1
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Book Fold Type

Suitable for clothing neck,sleeve ,clothes hem ,pockets .

Hem Tags-2
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Manhattan Fold Type

Suitable for clothing neck,sleeve ,clothes hem ,pockets .

Hem Tags-3
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Center Fold Type

Usually sewn onto the seam of garment ,someone call it flag label.

Hem Tags-4
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Center Fold Type

Hem labels with gold lurex

Hem Tags-5
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Center Fold Type

Yellow background with back text

Hem Tags-6
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Center Fold Type

Orange backgroud with white text

Get Inspired Through Customer Projects

hem tags for clothing
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shirt hem tags
custom sleeve hem tags
custom hem tags

Our Customization Options


We offer various materials like Eco-friendly thread, recycled yarns, cotton yarns, organic cotton yarns, metallic yarns, shiny yarns, matte yarns and more to fit your custom requirements.


For a more customized experience, we offer options to produce custom tags in different sizes so you can ensure your products are matched perfectly.


With over 3,800 yarn color options and custom dyeing services to meet your needs, we’re confident you’ll find the ideal hem tag for whatever project here.


Unique shaped to fit your needs precisely, and we can create custom garment labels that are perfect for you and make them in any shape or design imaginable.


We can offer a custom hem label with any of the finishes: Silky surface, matte finish, shiny finish, and more. These options ensure that we’ll be able to provide you with ones explicitly tailored.

Need FREE Pre-Production samples?

Wouldn’t it be great to see and feel the quality of physical hem labels before you make a decision? You can. Just click this button!

Why Do Over 7,748+ Global Companies Trust

Why Do Over 7,748+ Global Companies Trust JbtIndustry

Saving Your Time

Time is precious, and we understand that. That’s why we’ve invested in advanced equipment and efficient production processes to help get your labels to you faster. Our turnaround time is 40% faster than other hem tags manufacturer.

Saving Your Cost

When it comes to production, our company always keeps costs low without compromising quality. This way, we can save you 30-50% on your total order cost. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce expenses, partnering with us is a great solution.

Reduce Your Workload

Partnering with a one-stop service provider like us makes sense. We’ll help you shorten your supply chain and reduce your workload by 70%. And because we only use premium products, you can be worry-free.

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