Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels: Press for Unmatched Style.

Unique and Stylish Iron-On Woven Labels Will Show Off Your Brand Perfectly

Iron-on clothing labels, also known as iron-on tags, include laundry, neck, hem, and size labels, all with easy-to-use iron-on backs. No sewing is required; the labels adhere seamlessly with the heat of an iron, making them a convenient solution for finished garments.

Elevate your iron-on labels with high-level customization options, allowing you to personalize the shape, color, and size of the labels. Whether you’re using them as neck labels or laundry labels for clothing, these customization features are fully functional and adaptable to your specific needs.

General application

Iron-on labels work well for various clothing items, like kids’ name tags , shirts tag labels, and labels for nursing homes clothing. Beyond clothes, they’re versatile enough for other textile products like bed sheets and masks. The best part? No need for sewing – just effortlessly add personalized labels to all your products

See How We Helped Our Customers Succeed-iron on woven labels (6)
See How We Helped Our Customers Succeed-iron on woven labels (10)
See How We Helped Our Customers Succeed-iron on woven labels (7)
See How We Helped Our Customers Succeed-iron on woven labels (8)
See How We Helped Our Customers Succeed-iron on woven labels (9)

Why Over 7,769 Companies Trust Us?

Why Over 7,769 Companies Trust Us

Fast Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is 40% faster than other label manufacturers. With our advanced equipment and efficient production processes, we can complete your iron-on labels in as little as 8 days after the sample is approved!

High-Quality With Low Price

Our production capacity and cost control will save 30% or more on your purchase from us. We only produce high-quality iron-on labels, so it’s guaranteed that they will meet your standards!

Reduce Your Risk

You will reduce risk and 70% of workload because our one-stop services will shorten your supply chain, and our premium quality means you can be worry-free.

Our Certifications

OEKO-100 logo

The OEKO-TEX® label is an internationally recognized mark guaranteeing high quality and safety. All of the yarn we use to produce our iron-on clothing labels, besides those with metal threads optioned out on them, have been certified up Harley Product Class 1 (safe for babies & toddlers) according to this standard set by STANDARD 100!

GRS logo

GRS aims to reduce the harmful impact on people and the environment and ensure that goods are processed more sustainably. This standard has helped drive higher percentages of recycled content in our society by ensuring transparency about where materials come from or what happens after they’re collected for recycling.

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We offer various colors and styles of iron-on labels for clothes or other products. You can find the ideal labels from us. Order your unique clothing iron-on tags from us today !

6 Things You Need to Know Before Make Custom Iron-On Labels

Why People Love to Use Iron-On Labels?

  Iron-on clothing labels are a great and easy way to add an individualized feel to your project. They’re also a low-effort way to attach clothing labels to your clothes or handmade item. Iron-on clothing labels are a great alternative to sewn-on clothing labels, as they have the same professional quality and weaving process but only take a few minutes to apply.

  1. Iron-on labels are durable: Our custom iron-on clothing labels are made on a jacquard loom using 100% polyester yarn to industry standards. The edges will not fray, and will not fall off after numerous washing.

  2. Durable: They will last from the first to the 1000th wash, maintaining a soft feel and vibrant color.

  3. Customized shapes: You can create them in any shape, but they do not accept any folds as sewing labels do, like end fold, center fold, or manhattan fold.

Sew-on labels are still the most durable way of branding, but that doesn’t change the fact that iron-on labels have evolved into an easy, reliable, and convenient way to apply clothing labels to garments. You can now personalize anything with our high-quality iron-on labels!

The production process of iron-on labels is similar to sew-on clothing, which means the end product will be durable, long-lasting, and high-end. Just imagine how stunning your project could look if you use one of these gorgeous designs.

What If You Don't Have a Sewing Machine?

   For newly created brands, artisans, or some handmade products, the sewing machine is a big machine for them and is also cumbersome. But iron-on labels are different; all you need is a household iron to start your business efficiently.

Quality of Iron-On Clothing Labels.

    In essence, the iron-on label is a derivative of the straight-cut clothing label, except that a hot melt adhesive is added to the back, so it has the same density and quality as the damask woven label. Our Iron-on labels feature premium products with:

  • 50D polyester yarn for capturing tiny design details.
  • Ultrasonic or laser cutting, any custom shape or brand style you can imagine.
  • Solid welded edges, resistant to wear, and can also be hemmed.
  • Never fade professional yarn.
  • Intricate weave using damask for longevity.

How To Attach An Iron-On Label?

    If this is your first time using iron-on labels, do not worry, we’ve put together an easy guide(article and videos) to show how. Along with step-by-step, there are also some tips in this tutorial for getting started and what supplies are needed.

   The most important thing you’ll need for this project is an iron and some parchment paper. Once those two essentials are assembled, follow these steps to attach your iron-on clothing label!

How to Remove Iron-On Tags?

    Iron-on labels are super simple to apply, but you may sometimes need them removed from your garment. Whether it’s a label that looks off-center and wants to fix this issue or if there is some other reason. You can find instructions on how in our guide ( articles with video ) if you’re new at this!