Personalized Laundry Care Labels For Clothing

  • Personalized Laundry Care Labels For Clothing
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What are Laundry Labels?

Laundry labels, also known as care labels or laundry tags, are essentially a type of tags with a different material composition from regular paper tags. They are mainly used in industries such as clothing, home textiles, and luggage. These labels are primarily printed with product specifications, care instructions, fabric composition, and cleaning guidelines.

Custom laundry labels build upon this concept by enabling individuals or businesses to personalize these care labels with their own branding, logos, or additional information while still providing accurate care instructions.

Classification of Laundry Labels

Laundry name labels are mainly divided into woven laundry labels and printed laundry labels. Woven laundry labels involve all the content on the labels, including logos, text, or symbols, being woven with threads. On the other hand, printed laundry labels differ as the information on the labels is applied through printing, rather than weaving. The background of these labels can be made from various materials such as ribbon, cotton tape, and adhesive tape. Different materials are used to match various products. Nylon polyester fibers, acetate fibers, blended pure cotton, and non-woven fabrics are commonly used materials as well. To enhance the value and diversity of products, different finishes like matte, semi-gloss, glossy, and pearl finishes are available.

Satin Printable Laundry Label

Cotton Printed Laundry Labels 

Tear away laundry tags

Tear Away Laundry Tags

Woven Laundry Washing Labels

Polyester Laundry Labels 

Black Laundry Care Tags

More Options for Your Laundry Washing Labels

We deeply understand the importance of each and every detail. That’s why we present a wide array of customization possibilities. Our goal is to guarantee that every component faithfully mirrors your original design.

Material :

  • Satin ribbons in various widths and colors (used for creating satin lanudry labels)
  • Cotton ribbons available in different widths and colors (utilized for producing cotton laundry labels)
  • 100% polyester yarns (employed in crafting woven laundry labels made from polyester)
  • Environmentally conscious options: reused polyester or organic cotton
  • Additionally, materials like taffeta, rayon, and tencel are also accessible.

Logo or text treatment : :

  • Silk screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • High-density weaving
laundry labels printable

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