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What is Main Labels ?

A main label is a small tag attached to clothing, serving the purpose of providing essential information about the product. It typically includes details such as the brand name, logo, and can also incorporate care instructions, size information, fabric composition, and country of origin. When it comes to garment functionality, labels can be categorized into three types: main label, care label, and size label. While the main label is a mandatory component, the care label and size label may sometimes be combined into the main label. In summary, the main label holds tremendous significance for clothing, encompassing vital information that helps consumers understand and interact with the product effectively.

main label

Main Labels

Main Label with Size

Main Labels with Care Information

Classification of Main Labels

Main labels can be classified into two categories: woven and printed main labels. Woven main labels, known for their durability and intricate designs, lend a professional appearance to garments. On the other hand, printed main labels offer versatility with vibrant colors and sharp printing quality. Within printed labels, there are further subdivisions: cotton printed  main labels and satin printed main labels. Cotton labels are soft, breathable, and suitable for various garments, while satin labels boast an elegant and luxurious finish, making them perfect for high-end clothing. In a  word ,the most suitable main label is the one that aligns with your brand’s style, regardless of the chosen type.

woven main label

Woven Main Labels

Cotton Printed Main Labels

Satin Printed Main Labels

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our MOQ of main label will be 100 pcs for woven main label and 500 pcs for printed woven label .

Color can be customized according to your needs.

Of Course .Our professional team will help you to creat satisfied artwork with free .We will confirm with you and stop updating until you are 100% content.

5-8 business days depending on factory busyness .If you have rush order ,we will make some adjustment to shorten the sample time .

It will be 8-12 business day of turnaround time .If you are urgent need ,don’t worry ,please let us know in advance ,we will try our best to shorten the production time for you .

It will take around 6-12 business days depending on your location and service option.