Empower Your Brand: Custom & Wholesale Hang Tags

  • Free hang tags designs

  • Professional supplier with cheap price

  • Eco friendly & sustainable

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Empower Your Brand: Custom & Wholesale Hang Tags

  • Free hang tags designs

  • Professional supplier with cheap price
  • Eco friendly & sustainable

Custom hang tags, also known as swing tags, or hanging labels, offer several benefits. They enhance branding, display product information, differentiate from competitors, increase visibility, elevate perceived quality, aid in marketing, enhance retail presentation, and enable traceability. As a hang tag supplier, offering personalised hang tags helps your customers create a unique and impactful brand image while adding value to their products.

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The Popular Hang Tag Designs in 2023

perforated hang tags

Perforated swing tags with string

gold foil hang tags

Gold foil hang tags

Kraft paper hang tag

Kraft paper hang tag

Custom printing hang tags

Custom printing hang tags

circle hang tag

Circle hang tag with logo

embossed hang tags

Fashion embossed hang tags

Hang Tags are Widely Applied.

Hang tags find extensive use across various industries, including jewelry, shoes, T-shirts, sneakers, denim, bags, hats, shirts, wigs, and apparel. However, hang tags for clothing (garments)are particularly prevalent and serve as a crucial tool for displaying essential product information. They offer a platform to showcase details like size, fabric composition, care instructions, and brand specifics. By enhancing branding and presentation, hang tag labels play a pivotal role in providing customers with the necessary information and elevating the perceived value of the products.

Hangtag for Jeans

Hangtag for Jeans

Hangtag for Pants

Hangtag for Pants

Hangtag for Shirt

Shirt hang tags

Hangtag for shoes

Shoe hang tag

Hangtag for sweater

Hangtag for sweater

Hangtag for T-shirt

T shirt hang tags

Hangtag for Beanie

Hangtag for Beanie

Hangtag for gift package

Hanging gift tags

jewelry hang tags

Jewelry hang tags

Hangtag for Belt

Hangtag for Belt

Highly Customized to Fully Showcase Your Brand's Personality.


We offer various materials and can completely meet your requirements.

100+ textured special paper
 Seed paper
Kraft paper
Coated paper
Recycled paper
Sustainable material


We custom swing tags  in different shapes.

Heart shaped
Any Shape




Silk screen printing 
♦ Digital printed
Foil print like gold foil ,silver foil
Uv printing


More options of strings
More options of pins
More options of ribbons
More options of eyelets


How Do We Creat Your Unique Swing Tags ?


Request a quote for your desired hang tags.

Please provide all details, including logo image file, hangtag dimensions, and order quantity.

Approve Digital Artwork-2 (1)

We will send you a digital mockup for approval.

After receiving our digital artwork file, review and approve the proof and price quote. We offer free revisions to ensure perfection.

Confirm Pre-production Sample

Confirm the pre-production sample fits your needs.

Collaboratively create a pre-production sample for your approval, either digitally or by post.

Mass production-hangtag

Mass production begins!

Once the pre-production sample is approved, mass production begins, including coloring, printing, and cutting.

Inspecting & Packing

Inspection, quality control, and packing commences.

Thorough quality inspection is conducted before and after packaging to ensure high standards.


We load and ship your hang tags to your desired destination.

We select the most suitable shipping provider based on order amount and efficiency. Your tags will be shipped and ready to adorn your products!

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Why Have 7,500+ Companies Picked Jbtindustry.com as Their Tags Supplier?


Our production process has been carefully streamlined to ensure that our turnaround time for tag manufacture is extremely competitive. Compared to competing label manufacturers, our delivery time is 40% faster, ensuring you don’t have to wait for your quality products.

Low Costs, High Quality

Our hang tags are cheaper at 30-50% cost than average market prices, thanks to our stringent cost control in sourcing materials and our significant production capacity. We will always strive to produce the best quality products for your customers at the lowest cost.

Reduced Risk

The risk of your products being delayed or lost in shipping is reduced by 70%. This is due to our careful cultivation of one-stop services that shorten our supply chain and ensure we work with only the most entrusted and efficient suppliers and carriers.

Rapid Response

Depending on your location, our team will be eager to supply you with a quote within the short window of 1-8 hours.

Our Certifications

We source our wood-based products from the Forest Stewardship Council, a not-for-profit organization created to ensure that forests are used sustainably. We agree with the FSC’s ethos of dedication to promoting responsible forest management worldwide. There are several reasons why we have worked hard to obtain FSC certification. Not only does it make our production and business more sustainable, but the certification will also favor your business and products. It is well-known that the FSC has the highest environmental and social standards, and hence consumers who are concerned about the management of the environment will choose items with these tags preferentially other others.

GRS logo

Our labels and hang tags also follow GRS, an international product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recyclables, chain of custody, and environmental practices restrictions. Once more, this is due to our desire to cultivate an ethical business, both during the production process and after the life of the label is over. GRS aims to reduce the various impacts of industrial production on people and the environment, creating products that have been produced in a more thoughtful and sustainable way. The ultimate goal is to create products that end up driving higher proportions of recycling.

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Guide To Hang tags & purchasing F.A.Q.

1. What is a Hang Tag?


   A hangtag, or swing tag, is a tag attached to the outside of clothes or merchandise. Unlike a regular label, it is not part of the product and can be removed by the consumer before using it. Its main function is to display the brand and some product information, such as size, care instructions, website address, barcode, retail price, etc. A premium hang tag gives your product the perfect professional finishing touch. Han tags are usually made from paper but can be made from other materials such as leather and plastic. It is usually attached to the product by different materials like string or ribbon.

2. Why Use Hang Tags?

    Besides the information displayed on swingtags, such as the materials used to make the item, ingredients, care instructions, retail price, brand name, color, size, origin, etc.Hangtags can be made of different special paper material, and you can even display a different texture on the tag through various special processes, such as gold foil, silver foil, embossed, debossed, or UV. Therefore ,if your swing tag design is good enough ,it is a good way to show your brand’s logo, reinforcing brand identity and recognition ,that is why someone call it brand hang tags.

3. What is the Hang Tag Made of?


      There are many kinds of materials used in making hang tags, from paper to leather, plastic, to canvas or wood. However ,most hang tags are made of paper as it is easy to obtain, and with a low MOQ (minimum order quantity) . At Jbtindustry.com, as well as providing standard coated paper, we have a variety of specialty papers for you to choose from. At the same time,if you want more eco friendly options , recycled paper and sustainable material are available(if you want recycled hang tags or sustainable hang tags).

4. Is there A Hang Tag Template?

      Jbtindustry.com does not recommend our customers use the template to customize their premium hangtag . Through the unique design of your hangtag, combined with our unique workmanship and material, your hang tag will stand out from the crowd. It’s easier for consumers to remember your brand with our hangtags that will help you achieve the purpose of promoting your brand. Jbtindustry.com has customized unique hangtags for 7,548 brands in the past 17 years, and we have also retained many classic designs for your reference.

5. Factors Impacting Hang Tag Prices, Especially for "Cheap Swing Tags"?

      The points that affect the price the most include:

  • Order quantity
  • Material (coated paper, special paper)
  • Size quantity (such as S, M, L)
  • The size of hang tags (length, width, thickness)
  • Printing process (Lithography printing, debossed, embossed, UV)

6. How long does the hang tags production lead time take?


      Depending on the number of orders, different designs, different production seasons (off-season or peak season), the production turnaround time will be different, but even if it is a small order like 300pcs, the fastest production lead time will take 10 working days, because the process of all orders is the same. It takes 2-3 working days for purchasing raw materials, 3-5 business days for printing, 1-2 working days for surface handing, 1 working day for cutting, and 1 working day for inspecting and packaging. The production turnaround time within 300pcs to 3,000pcs is the same. In cases of severe weather, such as typhoons, heavy fog or snow, or unexpected situations such as this pandemic, the turnaround time will be longer because all the raw materials must be sent from the material supplier.

7. What To Consider in Customizing Your Hang Tags?

Type Of Materials

Type Of Materials

Paper is most commonly used, but we can produce hang tags out of rubber, PVC, canvas, cotton twill, woven labels, and much more. We also use craft, distressed look, heavy cardboard stock, etc.

Special Printing

Special Printing

Whether you need print on only one side or on every side, letters and logos can be embossed, debossed, or foil printed to achieve a stylistic and design-conscious look. This textural element can add a classy and artistic value to your hang tags.

Die Cut Shape

Die Cut Shape

Our die cut shapes are customizable and can accommodate even the most intricate designs. Die cut shapes add uniqueness and personality to your brand’s hang tags.

Strings and Ribbons

Strings and Ribbons

String or ribbon attachments are an important element that enhances the look of your hang tags. The material, length, width, and color can all be customized to your preferences.

Eyelets And Attachments

Eyelets And Attachments

Many hang tags look better with a grommet or eyelet, and we have a wide selection of metal and paper eyelets that can fit your stylistic needs. Other attachments such as safety pins are available.

8. Special Technology In The Production Of Hang Tags?

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping – or anodized hot stamping – if you are looking for luxury swing tags ,foil printing will be a good choice .This process does not need ink, instead of using a certain pressure and temperature to install the embossed pattern template to make a hang tag. The foil stamping machine squeezes together the hang tag and the hot stamping foil and transfers the picture and text onto the surface of the hang tags. The purpose of the foil stamping process is to improve the product grade, mainly using foil stamping patterns, text, or lines to highlight the product name or logo. Jbtindustry.com provides a variety of colors, such as hot gold, sub-gold, silver, blue, red, black, green, and so on.

Embossed & Debossed

The embossed and debossed process is a very commonly used process in the swing tags process. When the picture and text of the design is carved and processed on a metal plate, the content of a positive version is protruding, while the content of a negative version in concave, which is impacted by the back of the printed matter through convex processing, thus resulting in the protruding of the front design. The concave process involves pressing the pattern into the paper to form an embossed-debossed effect. These processes are suitable for highlighting a logo, text, graphics, or textures to the surface of the paper to produce a 3D effect.

UV Printing

UV (ultraviolet rays) printing is a kind of ink curing printing process involving photosensitizer ink and a UV curing lamp to create swing tags. It is used in prints where the pattern is above a layer of varnish, mainly to increase product brightness and artistic effect, protecting the product’s surface, high hardness, and corrosion resistance. To the touch, UV printing feels very smooth, and we carefully apply the 3D bulge effect to hang tags of your choice.

Edge Printing

Edge printing is a classic post-modification process in hang tag printing in which the edge of the tag echoes the color of the front theme. The traditional hang tag printing is printed on the surface of the tags, while the edge printing process involves rubbing a variety of colors onto the side edges of the paper. This process requires the tag to have sufficient thickness in order to show a natural and elegant colorful edge, which can be specified by the customer. In addition to colors, foil stamping of gold, silver, or blue foil can be applied to the edges.

Die-Cutting & Laser hollowing

The die-cutting process occurs in the later processing of printed matter and can make the hanging tag into a die-cutting knife plate according to the pre-designed graphics, so the shape of the printed matter is no longer limited to the right edge and angle. The forming process of cutting printed matter into the desired shape occurs while it’s under pressure.

Laser hollowing is a handicraft that makes use of the high-energy density of lasers to illuminate the surface of the product, cutting through the processed product and creating a hollowed-out pattern.

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