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We don’t just use top-quality, innovative printing machines; we also take into account how our materials can affect the environment. That’s why all of the inks and fabrics used by us are 100% eco-friendly water-based with cotton for durability. With us, you can find the perfect twill labels to print your logo on.

  • They are the perfect way to give your clothes an authentic look. With these custom labels, you’ll be able to create the natural and organic look you’ve been looking for.
  • The eye-catching diagonal pattern gives this printed label a distinctive look and you can recognize it from the unique design. It is easy to spot and can easily tell your brand from any other.
  • They are a great option for anyone looking to print on soft material without worrying about irritating their skin. You can brand your logo with those custom labels however and wherever with no worries, which is perfect if your company specializes in high-end branding like luxury goods!
  • They are made from 100% natural fibers and are eco-friendly. The woven edge offers a sophisticated look and adds an elegant touch to any wardrobe!
Why Twill Labels are Popular

The Applications of Twill Labels & Twill Tapes

Cotton Twill Labels (1)
Cotton Twill Labels (2)
Cotton Twill Labels (3)

Twill labels are perfect for garments as the brand labels and wash tags have a unique appearance that stands out from other label types. They’re also great for outdoor products like cotton bags to make them more attractive!

The twill tape is perfect for all sorts of crafting projects! You can use it when sewing clothes or other products. It’s also a finishing touch on packaging. And don’t forget about how amazing it works in home textiles, from quilts to bedding pieces; there are endless possibilities with these durable yet flexible tapes.

twil tapes (2)
twil tapes (1)
printed cotton twill labels (1)
printed cotton twill labels (2)
printed cotton twill labels (3)
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Why More Than 7,655+ Global Companies Have Worked With Us?

Why More Than 7,655+ Global Companies Have Worked With Us?

Fast turn around time

Your order can be completed in 3-8 days thanks to our efficient production process. Yeah – that quick!

Luxury quality guarantee

We’re committed to providing you with the best quality products at an affordable price so that no matter your budget or needs we can meet them.

Worry Free

You can sleep through the night, knowing that your products are being produced and delivered with care. we care about each step of the production process for every label!

The Process of Producing Your Orders

Here’s how we work with you, the customer to create your unique printed cotton twill labels.


Request a Quote.

Submit what size and quantity of labels suit your needs along with any logo requests.

Approve Digital Artwork-2 (3)

Approve Digital Artwork.

We’ll send proof of your label design and price quotes for any orders. Once you approve our artwork, we can move on to the next stage.

Confirm Pre-production Sample- printed cotton laberls page

Confirm Pre-production Sample.

We will create a pre-production sample of your labels and send it to you for approval before going into mass production.

Mass Production-printed labels

Get Started With Mass Production.

We’ll start mass production once we receive your approved pre-production samples. This includes printing, cutting and folding.

Inspecting & Packing- printed cotton labels page

Inspecting & Packing.

Our quality control team inspects all labels and packs them for shipping once they’re ready, so you can be certain that your orders arrive in perfect condition.


Loading & Shipping.

We will deliver your order as fast and efficiently as possible, with the most appropriate shipping method chosen based on your location.

Our Certifications

OEKO-100 logo

We only use high-quality materials to ensure your printed cotton twill labels are safe for human health. All of the yarn we use has been certified up until Product Class 1 (baby/toddler friendly) according to OEKO TEX®, one of the world’s most reputable testing firms in terms of safety and quality control; this means you can be confident with our products!


With the increased development of organic cotton production and higher global standards, as well as people’s pursuits for environmental protection or health-oriented concerns. Organic Cotton products are becoming more popular because they offer a kind of natural product without any pollution involved. We are the leading provider of GOTS-compliant organic cotton products.

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Cotton Twill Labels

Table of Content

What is a twill label?

Twill label is a fashionable way to advertise your brand. This kind of printed label has parallel ribs and a series of diagonal, the crossing patterns create an effect that creates an organic-looking texture, which can’t be found in other types of material, while still being affordable!

How many colors of the background are available?

You can find our cotton twill labels in natural(beige), off-white or bleach white, and black ground. We also dye materials into different colors to match your needs! Less can be more when you’re looking for an eco-friendly label. Cotton is a natural fiber, once it’s dyed, the color pigments are manmade and will alter how your garment looks in comparison to its original state.

What are the materials of twill labels?

    The vast majority are made from 100% cotton. But there’s also a polyester-cotton blend available for those who want more durability!

How to prevent the fray of cotton twill labels?

    Cotton twill tags are made of natural fibers and as such, they cannot be heat sealed to stop fraying. The cut edges will inevitably fray due to their nature so we recommend sewing down the unfinished ends or using a no-fray solution if needed!

The best way to avoid fraying when sewing on the cotton label is by using fold options. There are several different folds that you can choose from, depending upon your desired look for the final garment’s outcome and they’re all designed with one goal: To prevent unwanted yarns from showing up at either end!

  • If the cotton printed tags will be sewn into the seam, then the best way is to fold the label in half. This folded type is called centerfold, which could ensure the label won’t fray.

  • The end folded labels are a great option for those who plan on only sewing their tags onto the right and left ends. It gives your product an even more professional look, with two sides folded under where they’re attached to give it much elegance in design!

Check out our separate article for more details on folding methods.

The durability of cotton twill label?

    Cotton twill labels are made from high-quality material that will last as long as the item itself. In addition to being durable, our eco-friendly inks can withstand traditional washing many times without bleeding or fading away. If your requirements are anything more aggressive than this, we have special inks to withstand this kind of washes—like stone, acid, enzyme, or overdye. Just let us know what you need when ordering!

How to extend the life and quality of your cotton twill labels?

    If you follow these care instructions then your custom-printed cotton labels will look great for longer! The best way to keep them in good shape and color is by machine washing and drying on low heat, or using an average temperature setting if preferable.

If you’re looking for high-quality, cost-effective, and timely manufacturing services that are risk-free then get in touch with us today!