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A woven patches, also known as a woven badges  or woven label patches ,are created by weaving colored threads together on a loom, forming intricate designs and patterns. Unlike traditional embroidered patches that use raised stitching, woven patches have a flatter and more detailed appearance. The weaving process allows for greater clarity and precision in capturing fine details, small text, and complex designs.

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Popular in 2023 Based on Customer Feedback

Woven Patches with iron on backing

Woven badge with iron on backing

Woven Patches with merrow border

Woven Patches with merrow border

Woven Patches with metallic yarns

Woven Patches with metallic yarns

Woven Patches with sew on backing

Woven Patches with sew on backing

Woven Patches with stick on backing

Woven Patches with stick on backing

Woven patches with velcro hook and loop backing

Woven patches with velcro hook and loop backing

Where Woven Patches Can be Found

As woven badges can be personalised according to specific designs, logos, or artwork provided .They offer a professional and polished look, making them popular for garments ,hats ,promotional items, uniforms, team sports jerseys, and merchandise .

Woven Patch for Police Uniform

For Police Uniform

Woven Patch for Sport Shirt

For Sport Shirt

Woven Patches for Sweatershirt

For Sweatershirt

Woven Patch for Backpack

For Backpack

Woven Patch for Bag

For Bag

Woven Patch for Beanie

For Beanie

Woven Patch for Hat

For Hat

Woven Patch for Hoodie

For Hoodie

Woven Patch for Jacket

For Jacket

Woven Patch for Military Uniform

For Military Uniform

Woven Patches (7)

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Our advanced equipment and efficient production processes allow us to deliver 40% faster than other label manufacturers.

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Because of our excellent production capacity and cost control, you will save 30-50 percent of the cost without sacrificing quality.

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We have more than 17 years of combined experience in providing high-quality woven patches to customers.

Production Process of Personalized Woven Patches


Request a Quote.

Submit the details for your woven patches. Include your logo, quantity, and size requirements.


Approve Digital Artwork.

We will send you the artwork and a quote for your approval.


Confirm Pre-production Sample.

We will create a pre-production sample and send it to you for approval before starting production. This ensures that you receive exactly what you desire.


Mass Production.

Once we have approval, we will begin mass production, including weaving, cutting, and the addition of special backing.


Inspecting & Packing.

All completed woven patches will be inspected and packed for delivery by our Quality Control (QC) department.


Loading & Shipping.

Choose the most appropriate shipping method, such as UPS, FedEx express, depending on the order quantity.

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Guide To Woven Patches & Ordering F.A.Qs

Table of Content

1. What is woven patches?


     The woven patches are made on the jacquard loom to show text, logo, graphics, letters, numbers, colors, or a combination of the above by fixing the warp yarns. The design and color of the woven patches are mainly expressed by the weft yarn, and the color expresses different effects such as twill texture, grosgrain texture, etc. will be displayed because of the effect of crossing the warp yarn. These woven patches will have 100% thread coverage with no cloth background showing, giving them a luxurious look. Their flexibility and lightweight make them ideal on hats, backpacks, sleeping bags, jackets, and almost any other type of clothing.

2. Why choose a woven patch instead of an embroidering patch?

      Woven patches have the classic look of an embroidered patch with a superior level of detail and a softer texture, but they are made from a thinner yarn than embroidery badges. If your design has a lot of details or very fine lettering that you want to stand out, then woven patches are the ideal option. No drag stitching is used between letters on a woven patch, adding to the quality finish of the patches. When your design becomes a woven badge, the thread will be stitched continuously to get a very detailed outcome.

3. How Are They Applied to a Hat, Backpack, Jacket or Other Merchandise?

      The application method depends on what you would prefer. We offer several options – from iron-on, to sew in, or Velcro hook and loop, we can design patches to meet all these requirements. Once you have chosen the perfect placement for your patch, simply follow the instructions for your selected attachment style.

4. What material does the woven patches have?

      The raw material is the yarn which is the same material that is used in woven labels. According to the chemical composition, there is polyester yarn and cotton yarn. In addition, we also have recycled polyester yarn and organic cotton yarn. We also have a metallic yarn that has a shiny appearance, it is made up of 100% polyester. When designing your patches, you can mix cotton yarn and polyester yarn together. All our yarns have passed the OEKO-100 test.

5. Is there a size limit for woven patches?

      The dimensions can vary over a wide range. The height range is between 0.8cm and 20cm and the length is unlimited. This allows brands to customize their patches to suit different types of merchandise.

6. How many colors can the woven patches display at most?

     The woven patches can display up to 12 colors (including the background color), but it must be evaluated according to the design. If the woven patches design is very complicated and there is a lot of detail, it may not be possible to use all 12 colors. If you provide us with your design, our design team will be able to make recommendations and suggestions to make sure that you get the patch you want.

7. How many colors can the woven patches display at most?


      At, when you design in polyester yarns, you have 864 colors (semi-matte) to choose from. We can also mix and match bright yarns (only available in black and white), matte yarns (only available in white) and metallic yarns. (46 colors, gold and silver are the most popular). Over the years, we have used different combinations of these colors to make different patches with great success. We are also able to dye the yarns to your specified color. Please note the dyeing cost is USD48/color, and the dyeing time is 10-15 days. According to the size of the woven label, the minimum quantity is 5KGS/color (about 5,000-10,000 weaving chapters).

8. How many types of the border (finished edge) are available?

      We have heat cutting, laser cutting, classic wrapped edge (merrowed) edging available.

9. Can the shape be customized?

     They are available in just about any shape. We can make basic shapes like round, square, rectangle, oval, shield, but are also able to customize the shape to suit your needs.

10. What kinds of the backing do the woven patches have?

    A. Iron on backing: Add a layer of hot-melt adhesive to the back of the woven patches. It will melt when it is heated and will be bonded after cooling.

    B. Stick on backing: Add double-sided tape on the back of the woven patches. When you need to use it, peel off the double-sided tape, and stick it to the product. This is best suited for temporary uses. This kind of woven patch is glued to hats, backpacks and other products, and the woven patches can be taken off after the event, without damaging the fabric or leaving marks.

   C. Sew on backing: Normally the reverse side has not been processed in any way. This kind of label is usually sewn on hats or other products with thread.

   D. Velcro hook and loop: There will be a hook at the back of the woven patch, and the loop will be sewn on the hat, backpack, or clothing, so the patch can be removed and replaced with another one easily.

11. Will the woven patches fade?

     Polyester is a chemical fiber, and its coloring degree is much higher than that of natural fiber. Generally, the polyester yarn has a colorfastness of 3.5 grade and is a qualified product. Our yarn supplier adopts advanced spinning equipment and dyeing equipment, and imports dyes, the polyester yarn we use for woven patches can reach 4.0 grade, which is much better than our competitor. This means the woven patches we produce will not fade at all under normal washing conditions. Of course, if your product has special washing requirements, such as enzyme washing, you need to communicate with your patch’s vendors in advance.

12. Why do most of the woven patches use polyester yarn?

  • The polyester yarn has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is durable, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing.
  • The polyester yarn has good light fastness, better than natural fiber fabrics, which means the color flexibility is high and it will not fade easily.
  • The polyester fabric has good resistance to various chemicals. Acids and alkalis do not damage them much, and they are not mold and insect resistant.

13. What are the factors that affect the price of woven patches?

      There are many factors that affect the price of woven patches, but the most influential is the number of colors, design, order quantity, quality requirements, border types and backing type. If it is the same quantity, the same design, and the same quality, but if the type of backing is different the price will be different. This is why it is important to make sure you ask for a detailed quote from your woven patch’s suppliers.

14. How long does the woven patches production turnaround time take?


      The production time varies according to the number of orders, designs, and production seasons (off-season or peak season). A small order of 100pcs can take around 6 working days. Generally, the process is as follows 2 working days to purchase raw materials, 1 working day to produce on the machine, 1-2 working days to cut and make the border and backing, 1 working day to inspect and pack. But production time can be impacted by severe weather, such as typhoons, heavy fog, heavy snow, or unexpected situations such as pandemics.

15. How to check the quality of the woven patches?

      When the goods are ready, the things you need to check are:

Content of your design, size, color, colorfastness, whether there is a stain on the surface, whether there is an indentation on the surface, whether the frame size is consistent, good packaging is also one of the factors to evaluate, the patches should always be packed neatly.

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