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What are Sewing Labels?

Sewing labels, also known as sew in labels or sew on labels.They contain information such as brand name, logo, size, care instructions, and composition. Despite their small size, sew in labels are incredibly effective at conveying information. Much like fabric business cards, they effectively showcase all that you wish to communicate. By being permanently stitched onto garments or utility items, sewing labels withstand wear and tear. As a result, users frequently encounter and engage with the information displayed on these labels, making them an exceptional means to boost brand recognition.

label sewing on the clothes

Classification of Sew-In Labels

There are two primary types of sewing labels: woven sewing labels and printed sewing labels. Woven sewing labels are meticulously created using a weaving process, offering a refined and durable option. On the other hand, printed sewing labels can be further classified into satin sewing labels and cotton labels. Satin sewing labels provide a smooth and luxurious finish, while cotton labels offer a natural and soft feel.

Polyester Woven Sewing Labels 

Satin Printed Sewing Labels 

Sewing Name Labels 

Cotton Woven Sew In Labels

Personalized Black Sewing Labels 

Cotton Printed Sewing Labels 

Where Will The Sewing Labels Be Used For ?

These labels are designed to be attached to clothing, handmade items, socks, quilts, shirts, uniforms,  various sewing projects and other textile industry .They can be stitched to any where you want to show  .

  • Clothing: shrits,t-shirts ,jacket,dress,pants,uniforms and many other clothes 
  • Handmade Items: Handcrafted items such as bags, accessories, and home decor projects benefit from personalized sewing labels, making them stand out and adding value.
  • Socks: Enhance the branding of your socks with custom sewing labels, making them unique and recognizable in the market.
  • Sewing Projects: From quilts to curtains, personalized sewing labels add a finishing touch and make your projects truly one-of-a-kind.

How To Create Your Own Satisfaction Sewing Labels ?

Label design

Step 1: Thoughtful designs: Sewing labels are like tiny ambassadors for your brand, conveying important information and leaving a lasting impression on customers. By creating an eye-catching and well-designed label, you can spark curiosity and intrigue, prompting customers to explore your brand further.If your sewing label manages to capture their attention at first glance, they are more likely to spend more time getting to know your brand and products. Different products have distinct characteristics, which also means that sewing labels should possess individuality and reflect those unique traits. 

If you only have general sewing labels ideas  currently ,please contact our design team for assist .

Step 2: Make designs come true: It needs the label supplier has the ability to highly customize your label design. They can ensure precise specifications, such as the color, size, material, shape, effects, and folding method that you desire. With their expertise, they can bring every design detail to life, turning your vision into a tangible reality.

I completely understand that finding the most suitable supplier among thousands of options can be risky and time-consuming. There is a quick way to test if you can get the perfect products: through samples.I’m not referring to stock sample packs but to custom-made your own physical samples! 

make designs come true
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