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5 Steps to Ensure Perfect Woven Label Quality

By Michael Lau   Ι  2023-12-07

In today’s market, apparel brands, textile companies producing scarves, hats, underwear, home textiles, and other customers have increasing quality expectations for woven labels . As a woven label manufacturer, delivering zero-defect products is crucial. Today, I will share how we control quality at every production step, so you can also achieve perfect woven labels.


Hi, I’m the author of this post, and I have been in this field for more than 17 years. If you want to wholesale woven labels or related products, feel free to ask me any questions.


1. Raw Material Quality Control

✅ Select reliable yarn suppliers to ensure yarn quality.

✅ Randomly inspect incoming yarn to ensure specifications are met. Reject substandard yarn.

✅ Store different yarn batches separately for traceability.


2. Weaving Process Control

✅ Maintain weaving machines regularly to ensure precision.

✅ Monitor machine parameters during weaving for stable quality.

✅ Randomly inspect fabrics to ensure correct colors and no flaws.


3.Post-Weaving Process Control

✅ Double check patterns during weaving to prevent errors.

✅ Measure dimensions during cutting for accuracy.

✅ Ensure neat, crisp folds without wrinkles.


4.Finished Product Inspection

✅  100% inspect appearance, patterns, prints, etc.

✅  Randomly test fastness, size, color fastness, etc.

✅  Identify conforming and defective pieces. Repair or scrap defects.


5.Packing and Shipping

✅ Re-count quantity before packing to ensure correctness.

✅ Identify packages to prevent mis-shipments.

✅ Final random inspection before shipping.


Although woven label is small, quality directly impacts your product image. We hope our quality control experience provides valuable insights to enhance your production and prevent mistakes at key steps. We believe lasting partnerships are built on product quality. 

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