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Cotton Woven Labels VS Cotton Printed Labels, which one is suitable for me?

By Michael Lau   Ι  2024-2-26

Cotton Woven Labels VS Cotton Printed Labels

Cotton WOVEN labels and cotton PRINTED labels are two completely different products. If you’ve been confused about them, the following information can help you.


You can understand their characteristics from the following aspects to assist you in making a choice:


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Background Color Selection

LOGO Color Option


Size (Height)


Size (Width)

Hand feel


Logo Fade




Cotton woven labels

Around 60% cotton and 40% polyester

Only natural is available. other colors require custom dyeing.

1184 stock colors available. Other colors need custom dyeing.

Varied from 1-20cm for woven labels without edge and 1-4.5cm for selvedge woven labels.




The logo is made of polyester yarn, and won’t fade.



Main labels for cotton or canvas materials products like outerwear, not suitable for wash labels.

Cotton printed labels

100% cotton

Natural, bleach white, off white and black colors are stocked; other colors require custom dyeing.

Unlimited, can precisely match PMS colors.


Only available in 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5cm.



Available in thick and thin materials.

The conventional method uses ink printing, color may fade with washing. Silicone can be used instead of ink for non-fading logos, but costs and minimum order quantities are higher.

Slightly lower(INK printing)

Widely used for wash instruction labels, also commonly used for infant and children’s clothing, and cotton T-shirts’ main labels.


Q1: I need a cotton printed label larger than 4.5cm(1.77 inches) in height. What should I do?

cotton printed label

We can use cotton fabric instead of cotton tape as the material to print the logo and then cut it into any size needed, as shown in the example below.However, this product has higher costs and minimum order quantities, also longer production lead time, and can only be folded on all four sides, not folded in half, suitable for main labels.

Q2:Why does ink fade while silicone does not?


The reason for ink fading and silicone not fading mainly depends on their composition and chemical properties:

Reasons for Ink Fading:

  • Ink is composed of pigments, resins, additives, and solvents.
  • Pigments may undergo oxidation or decomposition due to external factors such as light, oxygen, and humidity, leading to fading.
  • Resins in ink may also change due to variations in external conditions, affecting color stability.


Reasons Silicone Does Not Fade:

  • Silicone is typically composed of silicon-oxygen chains, offering high chemical stability.
  • Its molecular structure provides resistance to light, oxidation, high temperatures, and chemical corrosion.

I believe you already have an answer to whether your product should choose cotton woven labels or cotton printed labels through the comparison of the 10 dimensions above.

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Get an instant quote from our most experienced consultants.

We will contact you within 1 business day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”.