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Wholesale Clothing Size Labels From Professional Chinese Supplier

  • We serve your brand with 17 years of experience and professionalism
  • Our professional and responsive team are at your service
  • We offer the highest quality clothing size labels at very competitive prices
  • We offer the lowest MOQ to 50 pieces per size
Custom Clothing Size Labels Can Be Easy

We produce various types of custom size labels, such as woven, satin, cotton and more, completely customized according to your brand’s design. Our custom woven size labels are made from fine yarns, and we use advanced ultrasonic cutting technology to achieve high-quality, super soft fabric labels; we offer short-run custom woven size label production at affordable prices. Our woven size tags are available in 1,064 colors, and we make custom size labels in any size and shape. The material used to produce our clothing labels is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Contact us now for FREE samples!

We will contact you within 1-8 hours, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”.

Clothing Size Labels General Applications

As you know, the tiniest details of your brand can impress discerning shoppers. Even minute elements, like the size tag, will impact the buyers’ perception of the quality of your products. We have over 17 years of experience manufacturing customizable size labels to ensure your brand makes the best first impression.

Woven size labels

Woven size labels

Woven size tags

Woven size tags

Cotton printed size labels

Cotton printed size labels

Custom size labels

Custom size labels

Satin printed size labels

Satin printed size labels

Shirt size labels

Size tags

Separate Size tags

Separate size tags

T shirt size labels

T shirt size labels

Our Hot Products in 2022

You can design your custom size labels from scratch. You may specify the size, color, text, and logo image to create a unique size tag that appropriately represents your company or brand identity. The clothing size labels are separated into 3 different categories according to the needs they meet and the method of brand promotion:

woven size tags (1)
Cotton printed size tags (3)
Satin Size Labels
woven size tags (2)
Cotton printed size tags (2)
Satin printed size labels (2)
woven size tags (3)
Cotton printed size tags (1)
Satin printed size labels (3)
Woven Labels(10)

Why Do Over 7,548 Companies Work With Us?

We save your time

With 17 years of experience in this industry, we have the most professional technicians and sales teams, complemented by advanced equipment and established production processes.

We save your money

You can save 31-52% of the cost via our efficient methods of production management and the procurement costs of our materials.

We offer a high-quality guarantee

All our custom clothing size labels are finished to the highest standards using premium material and finishes, and the fabric is OEKO-100 certified and guaranteed to be non-toxic.

Equipment for Producing Clothing Size Labels

We have upgraded our equipment many times and honed our production process over 17 years of development. At present, our machinery is the most advanced globally, ensuring that your orders can be completed on time with quality and quantity.

We have an annual output of 1,736 million woven size labels, 942 million satin size labels, and 831 million cotton size labels.

Jacquard Loom Machine-2

Raw Material Warehouse

Jacquard Loom Machine-1

Jacquard Loom Machine

Machine computer

Machine Computer

Cutting Machine (1)

Cutting Machine

Folding Machine

Folding Machine

The Whole Process of Custom Clothing Size Labels

This is the entire process for producing wholesale size labels.


Send Inquiry.

Provide us with some necessary information, like label size, how many sizes are needed, and the order quantity.


Digital Artwork Confirmation.

After the quotation is confirmed, our designers will provide digital artwork for you to confirm.

Confirm Pre-production Sample

Pre-production Sample confirmation.

We will make samples according to the confirmed artwork for you to assess before going to the mass production.


Mass Production.

After the Pre-production sample is approved, we will arrange mass production accordingly.


Inspection & packaging.

Our quality inspectors will inspect the completed products, and qualified products will be packaged into boxes.



Your personalized clothing labels will be delivered to your nominated address by an international courier.

How We Guarantee the Quality of Labels

A lousy label can instantly destroy the brand you are trying to establish, while a good label can enhance your brand identity, so even our smallest size tag will be produced according to the highest quality standards. We believe that we are family, we are in this business because we are in it together, we grow and improve together. We ensure that we are providing you with great quality size tags by following 3 critical steps.


After receiving the raw materials for production, our purchasing department will conduct a full range of quality inspections on all aspects: size, color, colorfastness, firmness, to quantity.


Every detail of the production process will be checked by our professional engineers and quality inspection department, whether it’s during the actual creation of the label, cutting or folding.


After the products are finished, our professional quality inspectors will conduct quality inspections according to AQL standards, and only qualified products are packaged into boxes.

Our QC is checking the quality of raw material

Our QC is checking the production yarns.

Our engineer is checking the machine-1

Our engineer is checking the jacquard loom machine.

Our quality control supervisor is checking the quality of products in the workshop.

Our QC supervisor is checking the quality of products in the workshop.

Our QC is checking the quality of complete products-2

Our QC is checking the condition of complete textile labels.

Our Certifications For Clothing Size Labels

OEKO-100 logo

The Oeko-Tex 100 standard for testing textiles and hazardous substances is an achievement that is recognized worldwide. The standards stipulated by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 are based on the latest scientific knowledge. Products that have passed the OEKO-100 test have limited the content of harmful substances to the greatest extent. The raw materials (yarns and tapes) used in our apparel size tags are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Click the blue button below to view our certificates.

GRS logo

Short for global recycled standards, GRS is an international product standard that specifies third-party certification requirements for recycling content, the chain of custody, social responsibility and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The goal of GRS is to increase the use of recycled waste, turn waste into treasure and reduce the harm of waste on the earth. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect our home planet, so we also produce GRS woven tags and printed labels. 

What Our Customers Say About Us

Look no further than us if you’re looking for the perfect label company to design and produce your custom clothing size tags. With a broad client base, including large apparel companies, designers, manufacturers and individuals, we have a team of professional designers to help you customize your clothing labels. Take a look at our range of customer reviews or contact us now to start discussing your custom size label design.

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Meet Our Clients

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Meet With Our Clients

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