On-Time Delivery Assurance

After 18 years of development, our machines have also been updated several times. All are imported machines to ensure high productivity and the best quality. 

Our annual output can reach 1.48 billion clothing labels and 540 million hang tags.

The Machines We Have:

imported jacquard looms

26 Imported Jacquard Looms

Ultrasonic Cutting Machines

2 Ultrasonic Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines

2 Laser Cutting Machines

hot cutting machines

3 Hot Cutting Machines

folding machines

6 Folding Machines

hand-screened countertop space

200M of Hand-screened Countertop Space

screen printing machine

3 Screen Printing Machines

flexographic printing machine

3 Flexographic Printing Machines

Heidelberg Printing Machines

2 Heidelberg Printing Machines

Automatic Laminating Machines

2 Automatic Laminating Machines

Automatic Hot Stamping Machines

2 Automatic Hot Stamping Machines

Tag Stripping Blanking Machines

3 Tag Stripping Blanking Machines

Automatic Eyelet Assembly Machine

2 Automatic Eyelet Assembly Machine

Embossed and Debossed Machines

3 Embossed and Debossed Machines

In addition to our advanced equipment, our perfect production process and schedule can ensure that your order can be completed on time.