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Why Pre-Production Samples Are Crucial Before Mass Production?

By Michael Lau   Ι  2024-01-03

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We’re talking about pre-production(PP) samples, the ones before mass production kicks in. They’ve become the superhero step to ensure product quality and keep customers happy.

Sometimes, customers are in a rush and want to skip the PP samples, diving straight into mass production. It is not the way to ensure quality.

Let me break it down into 4 points to explain:


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1. 1.Machine Production Differences:

Because machines can’t perfectly replicate flat designs, like crafts, textures, and colors, it’s crucial to have pre-production samples for a real product check. Share your comments on appearance, hand feel, color, and craft in the pre-sample, suppliers can tweak things based on your feedback, boosting overall product quality. Plus, the confirmed sample helps avoid later disputes.


2.Can be a standard for inspection:

Pre-production samples can be used as effective inspection standards, which help ensure that the final product is consistent with the confirmation sample.
If time allows, get your hands on real samples for a thorough check. If time’s tight, ask for a bunch of photos and videos, covering everything from size measurements to craft details and color checks.


3.Cutting Later Rework Costs:

Another perk of pre-production samples is slashing the costs of redoing the whole product later on. By catching and fixing issues upfront, we dodge the nightmare of discovering discrepancies after mass production. It’s not just about saving money and time; it can also avoid a domino effect of chaos in your production plan.


4.Reduce the cost of developing new suppliers:

When developing new suppliers, pre-production samples become your cost-cutting superhero. Requesting free samples lets you thoroughly evaluate their service, production time, professionalism, and product quality with zero risk. It’s like screening potential partners without breaking the bank.

Of course, if time’s squeezing you, here are 3 ways to speed things up:

These measures enable you to shorten the entire production turnaround time while maintaining quality, allowing you to visualize and evaluate your products more quickly and meet tight deadlines.

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